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Workbench for eBusiness
Includes everything you need to bring your business online and your customer service to the next level.
The short story
Workbench Software started in 2005 with the introduction
of the Customer and Item Workbench. We created these tools to make the Oracle eBusiness Suite easier to use.
Over the past 7 years we have expanded our product line to include the powerful Supply-Demand Workbench and B2B Customer Portal.

Our mission has always been to create great software that enables you to take full advantage of the eBusiness suite.
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Workbench Software, navigation solutions for Oracle applications.
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We have been very pleased with the Workbench Software Customer Portal system, and the results it has provided our customers in a brief period of time. In retrospect, I'm not sure that the other systems would have been able to integrate into our system as easily at any cost.

After looking at several different alternatives, the Workbench Customer Portal solution was the only one that met all of our criteria for an effective customer experience, and yet was able to be completely integrated with our Oracle ERP system.
All for one low monthly fee.
Doug Eberhardt
Marketing Director
Sealing Devices, In
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