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Workbench for eBusiness
eBusiness Customer Portal
Save money and improve customer satisfaction with the Customer Portal for the Oracle eBusiness suite.
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Customer Self Service Portal FAQ
What is the Customer Portal?
The eBusiness Customer Portal is a B2B portal created for customer self service. The portal makes ebusiness ecommerce easy for the Oracle eBusiness suite.
The customer service portal was designed for enterprise class B2B Manufacturing and Distribution.

Add value to your customer service with the eBusiness portal by providing customers with a self service portal that delivers exactly what customers want. With Customer Portal, you can get your enterprise up and running in weeks, not months.

Does Customer Portal interface with our Oracle eBusiness Suite?
Yes. eBusiness and ecommerce is easy with the oracle customer portal. The eBusiness application interface is an “off the shelf” interface to the Oracle eBusiness Suite. The interface is template driven and is customized to fit your exact needs.

Does Customer Portal interface with other legacy systems?
Yes. Customer Portal can be setup to interface with any legacy system.

Are hosting services available?
Yes. Workbench Software has partnered with Revion Hosting services. Together we provide complete turnkey implementations. We get your ebusiness web site up and running fast. Our packages include all hardware, communications, security, backup, database licensing, and application software required for a complete end-to-end solution.

Can Customer Portal be installed within our network?
Yes. Our hosted solution is an option, but if you like, the ebusiness self service portal can be installed and hosted on your internal network or the hosting service of your choice.
No Hardware!
No Software!
Setup and Go!
What can customers do with the portal?
• Check Order Status
• Place Orders
• Browse Catalogs
• Pay Invoices
• View Invoice History
• View Order History
• View Payment History
And more. Click here for more detail about the B2B customer portal.
Do I have control over the graphics and user interface?
Yes. The eBusiness Customer Portal provides easy to use administrative tools that give you complete control over the user experience. The portal can be completely setup by anyone. No web-site programming is required. But if you do want to include your own HTML, JAVA, AJAX, or whatever, you can.

Can I turn on/off features of Customer Portal?
Yes. eBusiness Customer Portal has many easy options to control the features to implement and control the user environment.

Is the Customer Portal safe and secure?
All transactions can be done using a Secured Transaction. The legacy system maintains all control of the interface. For more information about security, please contact us. You can also download information about portal security from the downloads page.

What about private customer specific products and Catalogs?
Yes. Products and catalogs can be setup to be customer specific to control proprietary products and improve customer service.

Does the Portal support multiple pricing options?
Yes. eBusiness Customer Portal supports a wide variety of pricing options including public and private pricing.

Does the Portal require the Oracle iStore application?
No. The Customer Portal is an independent application. The portal has no specific Oracle eBusiness Suite prerequisites. There are differences between the iStore application and the Customer Portal. Our experience with iStore was one of the reasons why we developed the Customer Portal. For more about the differences between the Customer Portal and iStore, please contact us.
Still have questions? If you do, please contact us. We are happy to help.
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The short story
Workbench Software started in 2005 with the introduction
of the Customer and Item Workbench. We created these tools to make the Oracle eBusiness Suite easier to use.
Over the past 7 years we have expanded our product line to include the powerful Supply-Demand Workbench and B2B Customer Portal.

Our mission has always been to create great software that enables you to take full advantage of the eBusiness suite.
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