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Tax Calculation
Need to charge tax?
Don't want to maintain tax tables?
Tax Calculation hosted web service that has been integrated into Customer Portal. This Web Service provides you with real-time, up-to-date sales and use tax rate information for every U.S. and Canada tax jurisdiction. This enables a simple, fast, and accurate way to calculate sales tax and use tax for only pennies per transaction.
• Tax rate information updated monthly.

• Ready with over 50,000 tax rate updates for new year.

• Locate current and correct tax rates by postal code, city/county/state, or exact street address.

• Provides all U.S. and Canadian tax rates at the component level (state, county, city), and includes a combined rate value.

• Tax rates are provided securely via XML.
Tax Calculation service contains the sales and use tax rates by postal code for all U.S. states and Canadian territories - updated monthly. Tax Calculation will help your company save money by letting you focus on your business, rather than trying to keep up with state tax rate and postal code changes. By hosting all of the tax rate information on the servers, we take care of the updates for you.

Use the optional Real-time web service to take care of the tax details.