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Workbench for eBusiness
Workbench FAQ
Workbench for eBusiness
Information is only a click away with a Workbench. All the data you need on one screen! Navigate Oracle eBusiness from the Workbench.
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What is a Workbench?
A Workbench is a combination query and navigation user interface for the eBusiness suite. Workbench views span applications and organizations to bring together what you need to see, quickly and easily, all in one place.

Do I need the Oracle Business Suite to use Workbench products?
Yes. Workbench products are completely dependent on proper Oracle eBusiness Suite application licensing. Workbench products are specifically designed work directly with Oracle's eBusiness Suite versions 11 and 12.

Does it require modification to the Business Suite?
No. Workbench products require no modification to any part of the Business Suite.

Will installing or using a Workbench effect current Support or Maintenance agreements?
No. Installing or using Workbench products have no effect on current Support or Maintenance agreements. The workbench itself does not modify eBusiness Applications in any way.

What Business Suite versions are supported?
Workbench products are compatible with Business Suite 11i versions 11.5.3 through current release 12.

How is security controlled using a Workbench?
Assign a Workbench to a responsibility and the Workbench will automatically inherit that responsibilities security. It's that easy.

Does the Workbench support Flex-fields?
Yes. Flex-fields are fully supported by the Workbench.

Does the Workbench support Attachments?
Yes. Attachments are fully supported by the Workbench.

Who benefits from a Workbench?
The following roles typically notice a significant time savings.
Workbenches generally make the eBusiness suite a lot easier to use.
• Customer Service Representatives
• Inside Sales People
• Order Entry
• Field Sales People
• Purchasing Managers
• Procurement Specialists & Buyers
• Production Planners
• Inventory Control
• Inventory Managers
• Accounts Receivable
How long does it take to install a Workbench product?
A typical installation with a default configuration can be done in about an hour.

How long does it take to implement a Workbench product?
A typical implementation is normally done in 1 to 3 days. Including installation, configuration, and training.

How much training is required to use a Workbench?
Depending on responsibility and experience, training for efficient use of a Workbench takes about an hour.

Do you have a question we haven't answered?
Please don't hesitate, contact us.
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The short story
Workbench Software started in 2005 with the introduction
of the Customer and Item Workbench. We created these tools to make the Oracle eBusiness Suite easier to use.
Over the past 7 years we have expanded our product line to include the powerful Supply-Demand Workbench and B2B Customer Portal.

Our mission has always been to create great software that enables you to take full advantage of the eBusiness suite.
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