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The Customer Portal eBusiness Interface is a fully automated method of safly moving data between the Customer Portal and the Oracle eBusiness Suite.

Completely automated and intelligent. Very powerful. Your specific business rules are built directly into the interface. Advanced data transfers rules make it possible to create a rich user experience including public and private catalogs, items, business transactions, and documents.
Oracle eBusiness Suite ready

Supports Oracle eBusiness Suite TCA model for new address transfers

Can interface with multiple legacy systems (for the large enterprise)

Fully automated interface with the Oracle Order Management application. Makes it possible for customer detail order status queries and order customer driven order entry
Portal Interface Highlights
Customer Portal Application Interface includes a full intelligent interface to the Oracle EBS. This interface controls the data that is transferred between systems. This is where your companies business rules reside.

All functional data in the customer portal (like items and customers) is transferred from the eBusiness suite. The eBusiness suite is considered the "Source of Truth". There is no need to maintain catalogs, items, addresses, or any other functional data in Customer Portal.

Simply maintain data in the eBusiness suite as normal and the interface will insure changes are reflected in Customer Portal. The only functional data that is maintained in Customer Portal is the Customer User Logins.
What does it cost to run an enterprise class portal?
A successful customer portal is not a static web-site. A good portal will provide a wide varity of customer self-service options. This offers value to the customer and reduces customer services costs. These options can include catalogs, products, prices that are always changing. It also includes processes and business rules that change.

The Customer Portal Interface greatly reduces the cost typically required to run a enterprise class portal. Almost all data and rules are managed by the interface.
Keep costs low... Automated Storefront
Let the interface do the work for you. The interface can automatically maintain everything in the Customer Portal.

Safe and secure, the Interface application never contacts the eBusiness suite to trade data. The trading of data between Customer Portal and eBusiness suite is always initiated by the eBusiness suite. This keeps the eBusiness suite safe and secure because only it can initiate communications. The Oracle eBusiness suite has full control, not the portal.

A limited amount of data is sent from Customer Portal to the eBusiness suite. This data is limited to new Addresses, and new Customer Orders. Both are optional. A customer can use Customer Portal to browse a catalog and place an order. The interface will insure that order is entered into the eBusiness suite.

No technical knowledge required
Included with the interface application are Workbench Software installation and configuration services. Workbench Software takes the responsibility of setting up default interface rules. Workbench will fully setup and test the default interface configuration to get you up and running quickly.
Portal Interface Services
• Includes Support and Software Updates
• Includes initial 1x installation of legacy interface software and processes
• Includes initial 1x setup of application operational features (default base configuration)
• Includes administration training (Operation and User Management)
Value-Add support service
• eBusiness interface technical setup
• eBusiness Interface Application patch / upgrade installations
• Support and resolution to any issues
• Automated negative and positive email alerts
• Daily monitoring of data transfer, transfer sizes, and problem resolution as required
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The short story
Workbench Software started in 2005 with the introduction
of the Customer and Item Workbench. We created these tools to make the Oracle eBusiness Suite easier to use.
Over the past 7 years we have expanded our product line to include the powerful Supply-Demand Workbench and B2B Customer Portal.

Our mission has always been to create great software that enables you to take full advantage of the eBusiness suite.
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