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Address Validation
Build your address book with confidence
Address Validation - US is used by Customer Portal to integrate real-time address correction and validation. Address Validation - USSM instantly verifies, appends, and corrects United States street addresses by checking the address against a continuously updated database of USPS® valid street addresses, and other online databases. By using Address Validation - US, businesses can improve marketing results through better data quality. With Address Validation - US you can rest assured that only legitimate street addresses are saved and stored in your Customer Portal system. The result is increased quality and reduced time and cost for follow-up mailings and deliveries.
• Real-time address validation, down to the apartment/suite/unit level.

• Verify that an address exists with Delivery Point Validation (DPV) data.

• Correct bad street names, cities, states, ZIP codes and other address elements.

• CASS-Certified cleansing engine, data updated monthly.

• Returns standardized, corrected, and appended postal address information for over 165 million unique addresses throughout the United States.
Address Validation - US enables companies to instantly verify addresses at the point-of-entry for just pennies per transaction. Having complete and accurate mailing address information not only improves sales and marketing campaigns, but also speeds up delivery times, and reduces the high cost and support issues associated with lost and returned packages. Address Validation - US can tell you if a prospect’s address is valid and deliverable, and will then standardize, enhance, and append your address data as needed. Lastly, Address Validation - US will help you to ensure the integrity of the contact information in your database through point-of-entry validation and standardization.