eBusiness Customer Portal
Installation and Testing Service
Initial Planning Through Go-live
Workbench Software brings IT Support services to a new level with our complete Installation and Testing Service. From initial planning through go-live, we will be there to guide the process. We are experts at configuring the Portal and the Oracle eBusiness Suite Portal API. With our experience with configuring Customer Service and Ecommerce Portals, your insured that your implementation will be successful.
Planning and Implementation
Testing the Portal and Oracle eBusiness Suite API is a critical task. The Portal can have a very positive impact on your bottom line and we take that very seriously. We will work with your staff and completely test all options and business processes related to implementing the Portal. After all new business processes and portal options are complete and accepted, go-live is scheduled. Three things will happen on go-live.
During this phase you will meet with a Portal implementation expert to plan your implementation. We will plan all customer service options and ecommerce options. We will then guide you through setting up the application to meet your goals.
1. Customers will will benefit from improved customer service information (business queries)
2. Cost of Customer-Service will benefit from reduced phone-time savings
3. Marketing department will benefit from improved visibility of key products and promotions
The Customer Portal dis a "deep" application with many options and opportunities to improve customer service and ecommerce. Both your company and your customers can benefit in many ways using a Customer Portal. Of all the benefits of a Customer Portal, the following three things always happen when our customers go-live.
Weeks not Months
We are experts at configuring the Portal and the Oracle eBusiness Suite Portal API. This is what we do. Unlike other enterprise-class B2B implementations, our experts can typically do a complete B2B world-class portal implementation in less than a month. Seriously.